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Our Services

Statutory Accounts

We can produce full statutory financial statements for filing. We can prepare abbreviated accounts to ensure the minimum amount of your financial information is made public. We then use the prepared accounts to help in the completion and filing of both corporate and personal tax returns. All prices are agreed and fixed before any work is completed so you have peace of mind that the price you have been quoted is the price you will pay.


Complete outsourced payroll solutions for small businesses and large businesses alike, through to registration of new payrolls, the processing of monthly payroll transactions, submission of payroll year ends and everything in between.

Please note that payroll can be complicated and a time consuming process. We can take over that responsibility and can provide a tailor made service for your business. We will provide:

  • Employee pay slips
  • Monthly summaries
  • Dealing with leavers and starters
  • ITW7A Monthly PAYE Returns
  • Assistance with automated payment set – up to your employees


At year end we will also deal with:

  • Employer Annual Return ITW10
  • Employee return ITW8

VAT Returns

Value added Tax is one of the most complex taxes imposed on businesses and may end up accidentally under or over-paying VAT. Changing regulations and growing demands from BURS only add to this complexity, making it imperative that an experienced professional takes care of your VAT return. Add to this the punitive penalty charges to businesses that are levied for miscalculations.

There are two ways we can assist in the completion of your VAT return:

  1. Let us do your bookkeeping and complete and file the return for you.
  2. Train your staff in how to complete the returns yourself.                

We promise to always complete VAT returns promptly in order to ensure you avoid penalties.

Corporation Tax Return

Tax is likely to be one of the biggest expenses faced by any business. With careful corporate tax planning, it is possible to reduce this expense and increase tax efficiencies. Kratos offers a range of services to help our clients’ businesses achieve this.

Cash Flow

With our state of the art cash flow management technologies and highly experienced staff, the team at Kratos can ably assist in managing your company’s cash flow.

Bookkeeping and management accounts

A sound bookkeeping practice is essential to the smooth running of your business. Our professional accountants offer a full range of bookkeeping services to any kind of business. Accurate and timely information is critical to any business entity in order to evaluate performance and in the provision of data to aid in decision making.

Let us take away the headache and deal with the paperwork. We can use your records and complete all the daily processing.

We can then easily prepare for you…

  • Monthly or quarterly Management Accounts
  • VAT returns
  • End of year statutory accounts;
  • Estimated Tax Liabilities on a regular basis in order to be able to comply with SAT requirements.

We can complete all these services either from your offices or take the records with us and allow you to carry on with the running of your business.


At Kratos, our experienced team of accountants will work with you to identify your income streams and costs. We will identify some key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business, such as gross margin, which will help you predict any future problems areas and performance.

Company Secretarial

One of the biggest risks facing businesses is that of non-compliance with current regulation and legislation. Our team of professionals at Kratos can assist with the completion and filing of the required returns to CIPA.

We can assist with and offer the following services…

  • Registered office facilities
  • Submission of statutory documents
  • Drafting agendas for company meeting
  • Preparing Minutes of Meetings
  • Completion of share transfer forms
  • Carrying out company searches
  • Filing of Annual Return
  • Acting as Company Secretary
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